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2 in 1 Windspinner -...
Colours in Motion

2 in 1 Windspinner - Beagle Dog


Colours in Motion

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Dimensions: 42 x 85 cm
Material: polyester and fiberglass
Wind propeller: Ø28cm

2 in 1 Windspinner - Beagle Dog - Colours in Motion

The 2 in 1 Windspinner series impresses with its double functionality. The windspinners can be hung with hooks and twine, or decorated with a stick as a garden plug. The required accessories are included. The assembly is very easy to accomplish, since the propeller rotating in the wind is pre-assembled and only has to be plugged onto the guide rod. All 2 in 1 windspinners are easily put into the wind thanks to their slide bearing and are especially easy to turn.

The petite windspinners are housed in a visually customized window box. This is not only ideal as a gift wrapping, but emphasizes the value of the wind turbine.
Colours in Motion CM40058
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