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Avatar - Stunt kite...
Atelier Kites

Avatar - Stunt kite for pair or team flying


Atelier Kites

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Dimensions: 261 x 106 g
Weight: 329 g
Wind: Force 2 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m²
Bridle: 3 points
Frame: Carbon
Avatar - Stunt kite for pair or team flying

The Avatar is a precision kite designed especially for team flying. The design of the kite was entirely designed to meet the expectations and needs of the teams: accuracy, speed, flight window but also agility and wind range. The result is a genuine team kite that makes it possible to fly in pairs or in teams with great fun.

Avatar frame:
• Lower spreaders: Skyshark P300
• Leading edges: carbone 6mm
• Spine: carbone 6mm
• Top cross: carbone 6mm
• Connectors: APA
• Whiskers: mono G-tech 3mm

Optimal wind range: 10 to 30 km/h

Lines and straps are not included (recommended strength 70 kg).

Kite designed and made in France.
Atelier Kites AVATAR
Avatar Stunt kites for pairs or teams flying atelier kites wind precision accurate accuracy sports stunt dual lines black yellow made France French makes
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