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Buster Soulfly Control...
PKD Intl. kites

Buster Soulfly Control Bar

Brand: PKD Intl. kites. Reference 2470.
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Dimensions: 56 cm
An effective control bar designed by the German brand "PKD", for their kite "Buster Soulfly", but that will adapt as well to any four line landpowerkites.

Simple and effective: it's all we need and it works pretty well! The bar is covered with a compact foam: comfortable feeling, pleasant to the touch. The pulley system allows to use all four lines to maneuver easily and facilitate the rotations ; the strap connected to the brake lines can be drawn by the pilot to close (slow) the kite. A safety leash (sold separately) may be attached to this strap to allow the pilot to drop the bar in case of an emergency.

This control bar is well designed and turns a kite "on handles" into a "bar-controlled" kite, without breaking the bank!
PKD Intl. kites
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