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Buster Soulfly PRO...
PKD Intl. kites

Buster Soulfly PRO


PKD Intl. kites

Reference 30401.
Model stopped.
Wingspan: 4.4m²
Model: PKD Buster Soulfly PRO 4.4m²

The PKD Buster Soulfly Pro is an evolutionary step forward for the legendary PKD Buster Soulfly series. This PKD Buster Soulfly Pro retains all the positive qualities of its predecessor while undergoing an upgrade of materials and components used in the construction of this legendary kite.

The PKD Buster Soulfly Pro will put a smile on the face of both beginner and expert kite flyers alike.

Beginners will enjoy the combination of easy kite control, smooth power delivery and stability that the Buster Soulfly Pro provides. The improved durability and performance delivered by the PKD Buster Soulfly Pro will ensure uncompromised progression through all traction kite sports.
Intermediate and expert kite flyers will enjoy the PKD Buster Soulfly Pro's impressive performance combined with easy control and handling, large wind range and great upwind performance across all traction kite sports.

Colours may vary.

PKD Buster Soulfly Pro comes complete immediately ready to fly (IRTF) with lines and handles attached, with kite killers and ground peg. Oh and the “Legend” has a brand new bag!
• Kite
• 4x20m Dyneema flying lines
• PKD Handles
• Kite Killers
• Ground Peg
• Bag
• Manual


High Quality Fabrics - The design of the kite itself has not changed. Simply the material has been upgraded from 70D Polyester to 40D Nylon 6.0. This makes the 2013 PKD Buster Soulfly Pro stronger, lighter, and more water repellent than its predecessor. As a result the canopy is less prone to stretch and will therefore hold its factory trim.

Reinforced Bridle Hangers – Dacron reinforcement to the bridle attachment points helps prevent damage to the kite in the event of shock loading to the bridle.

Rib Nose Reinforcement - Internal Dacron reinforcement to the nose of each rib ensures improved durability in the event of leading edge impacts. The reinforcing also helps provide improved stability through a more rigid leading edge profile.

Polyester Sleeved Vectran Bridle - PKD have chosen sleeved Vectran bridle for its excellent thermal properties, negligible moisture absorption, high abrasion resistance, high UV resistance and extremely low creep under load. All these properties combine to ensure your PKD kite retains its factory trim for longer.

Dirt-outs - Sand and dirt can easily be removed from the kite by using the Velcro dirt-outs in the wingtips. The dirt can move towards the tips via the dirt channel along the trailing edge.

4 x 20m Dyneema Flying Lines – Colour coded, sleeved and stitched 180/90 Dyneema flying lines offer maximum performance while reducing stretch and drag. Colour coded sleeving ensures easy identification of left and right flying and brake lines enabling the user to correctly connect flying lines to handles and bridles.

PKD Handles - Rubber Coated Aluminium Handles with Cleats. The PKD Buster Soulfly Pro comes with PKD's race pedigree handles which include cleats on the brake leader lines allowing easy trim adjustment and maximum adjustability for all levels of kiter, together with “on the fly” adjustment for more experienced kiters.

Option for use on 4 line fixed bridle bar – For maximum flexibility the PKD Buster Soulfly Pro can also be used on any 4 line fixed bridle bar.

The Buster Soulfly Pro Bag – The Buster Soulfly Pro comes complete with a new functional heavyweight bag which has been designed to make packing and transporting your Buster Soulfly Pro as easy and comfortable as possible. The bag has a large main pocket for easily packing and storing your kite as well as an inner pouch for easily packing and storing the lines and handles separately. This helps to prevent line and bridle tangles whilst in storage and also reduces the risk of damage to the kite. The folding lid makes accessing and closing the bag simple and is secured with easy clip buckles. The bag also features an adjustable strap which can be extended for carrying over your shoulder or shortened and secured around the bag whilst in storage.
PKD Intl. kites
PKD Buster Soulfly PRO powerkiting kites landkiting cells with handles ready to fly r2f beginners four lines white black blue 4,4m
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