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Carver Fort Knox Black...
Carver Skateboards

Carver Fort Knox Black Surfskate 31,25inch C7


Carver Skateboards

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Dimensions: 25 x 79,37 cm
Carver Fort Knox Black Surfskate 31,25inch C7

Taylor has been on the Carver team for nearly a decade, and during his tenure, Carver have made numerous board models for him. His most popular by far has been the Fort Knox, a mid-sized deck with the wider spooned nose for extra forward foot placement. Everything is designed to work with Taylor's style of power carving, so for 2014 a few adjustments have been made. First a quarter inch of length has been added to this signature model and the wheelbase has been lengthened by 3/4". It's a subtle adjustment, but widening the stance and drawing out the carves by just a little bit makes this all-around board pump a bit faster. It still has the same easy pump and stable pushing properties, but with the added length Taylor has adjusted the stance so its even more closely matched with his surfing stance. This is important when using the board for surf cross-training, as it sets up good foot placement habits and proper muscle memory. Next the template has been given a fuller squash tail for a classic look and feel. And finally, the winged theme has been kept for his graphic, as well as his favorite blue and black colorway, creating a new Knox with the same classic vibe that Taylor has always had.

• Front Truck: Carver C7
• Rear Truck: Carver C2
• Wheelbase: 44,45 cm (17,5 inches)
• Wheels: Ø 69mm, 78A, Roundhouse Concave Smoke wheels
• Bearings: ABEC 7

About Carver Skateboards
The story of Carver begins in Venice Beach, California: Greg Falk and Neil Carver wanted to surf but the waves were not there. So they took their skateboards and started to ride through the streets of Venice and Santa Monica... but they did not find the surfing sensations... So they began to look for ways to get closer to the sensations of water surf and developed specific trucks, with more angle than a classic skateboard truck... After years of research and development, tests and prototyping, Carver trucks know a great success and have revolutionized the skate world.
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Carver Taylor Fort Knox Black blue Surfskate 31,25inch C7 skateboards boards kicktails wheels boards urban surfing waves sensations complete
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