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Dan Leigh's Little...
Into The Wind

Dan Leigh's Little Bear


Into The Wind

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Dimensions: 193x119 cm
Wind: Force 1 to 3 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m²
Frame: Carbon and fiberglass
Design: Dan Leigh

The falconer's choice

The most passionate and accomplished delta designer in the world, Dan Leigh's high-aspect ratio deltas fly at amazingly high angles. Unsurpassed for all-around flying ability, they're so good that people have been willing to wait up to a year to get one. Dan has been making them all himself and says: "If you can't wait, please don't order!".

After 20 years of waiting for his kites, Dan has been working together with "Into The Wind" who now make his kites. The sails have been upgraded to ½-oz. Icarex polyester, the graphics have been updated to make them look as good as they fly.

An amazing kite, it literally leaps from your hand into the sky. Very popular with falconers, the Little Bear flies like an eagle and pulls like a bear. Its clipped wings develop more lift and its balloon keel prevents stalling during lulls.

Little Bear's frame in detail:
• Leading Edge: Fiberglass Tube Ø 5mm
• Spine: Fiberglass Tube Ø 5mm
• Spreader: Carbon Tube Ø 6mm

Comes in a strong bag 127x12cm.

Dacron® line sold separately (minimum 75-lb/35kg).

How much wind do you need?
Generally, less than you think. Gentle breezes are better for kiteflying. If your kite loops or dives while pulling hard on the line, the wind is too strong. It it wobbles and fails to climb, the wind is too light. If the kite is heading towards the ground, let the line out instead of pulling it. Either the kite will correct it's flight or if it hits the ground it will have a much softer landing.
Into The Wind 3625
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