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Garuda Radical...
Drôle d'Oiseau

Garuda Radical Freestyle Kite

Brand: Drôle d'Oiseau. Reference 208.
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Dimensions: 218 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m²
Model: Garuda Extreme

Garuda by Drôle d'Oiseau : A new era begins...

Radical freestylers: the Garuda is for you.

The Garuda has a few interesting new features, including, for this Extreme version:
- I.G.L. system: Integral Gliss-Lines along the leading edge;
- yoyo-stoppers and new R.Y.S.: Reverse Yoyo-Stopppers (registered design);
- Garuda comes with a double frame lower+upper spreaders and an additional ballast to quickly switch from the Standard configuration to the UL mode and thus enlarge the wind range.

With IGL and RYS systems, Garuda is the champion for all tricks based on yoyos (reverse or not): everything is done to facilitate winding/unwinding of the kite, in one way or the other.

You have understood: Garuda is not for beginners!

Click here to read the post about Garuda on our forums.

Lines and straps sold separately.

Frame in details:
Leading edge: Skyshark P1X
Lower spreaders: Skyshark Black Diamond 5PT (STD) or Skyshark Black Diamond 3PT (UL)
Spine : Skyshark P1X
Top Cross : reinforced carbon 5 mm (STD) or carbon 5 mm (UL)
Whiskers : 3 mm

Ballast inserted in the spine: 13g (STD) or 8g (UL).

Made in France.
Drôle d'Oiseau
Garuda Extreme Drôle Oiseaux Radical Freestyle stunt Kites made in France Stéphane Dolé K2000 Maël tricks sports competitions
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