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Harness line for...
Peter Lynn

Harness line for quadline handles


Peter Lynn

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Harness line for quadline handles - Accessories by Peter Lynn

When flying a bridled foil on handles you will soon find out that kite power can wear you out quickly, especially your arms. To counter this, most experienced riders fly hooked in. To this end a so called harness line is used to connect the two separate handles. The harness line is made out of extra durable Dyneema and has a loop on the end as well as a knot so it is easy to attach to all kinds of 4 line handles.

Harness lines are best used in combination with a harness equipped with a wheel spreader.

Line length depends on personal preference.

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Peter Lynn AAPL00991
Harness lines for quadline handles taction kites powerkites accessories grey gray ropes dyneema between connect 35cm
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