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Kheo Mountainboards

Kheo Kicker All-Terrain Board

Brand: Kheo Mountainboards. Reference 70221.
Model stopped.
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Weight: 6,1 kg
Model: Kheo Kicker with 8" wheels, BLACK colour.

Board: 90 cm maple wood
Total length: 106 cm
Wheels : Diamond 8 inches
Truck : skateboard type 10 mm

The kicker is a model of initiation perfectly suited to smaller sizes (max 90 kg), with value a very interesting for money.

Securely designed, this all-terrain board is for those who love freestyle as descent.

Its maple wood tray is very strong. Its small size and light weight make the Kicker an extremely handy device, easy to carry.

It is equipped with the ergonomic Kheo Velcro straps that are better suited to your feet, to offer better performance in the greatest comfort.

"Diamond" wheels give very good performance in all conditions.

Comes with leash, assembly tools and manual.

Colours according to arrivals. If you want to choose a colour, give us a call +33 (0)297 475 692 so we can tell you about the colours in stock.
Kheo Mountainboards BMKH0303
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