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NSE - Nirvana SE STD blue
R-SKY kites

NSE - Nirvana SE

Brand: R-SKY kites. Reference 12521.
Made upon order, available within 2 to 4 weeks.
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Dimensions: 240x100cm
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m², Mylar
Frame: Skyshark
The Nirvana has seduced many pilots all over the world, freestylists or competitors, and all agree that this model remains today the standard for high performance sport kites.

R-SKY could continue this model, but it became essential for the Nirvana to evolve to meet the needs of the new sport kite pilots. The Second Edition is much improved with a new design, a reworked sail, a newly designed bridle, framing modified...

Frame in details:
Upper leading edge: 6 mm
Lower leading edge: 6 mm
Lower spreaders: P300
Whiskers: 3 mm (4)
Spine: 6 mm
Top Cross: 6 mm

Nirvana SE comes with:
- 18 gr ballast
- Reverse turbo bridle
- Yoyo stoppers
- Yoyo sliders

Lines and straps sold separately.

Made in France.
R-SKY kites NSE-Std S

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