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Peter Lynn Charger...
Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Charger

Brand: Peter Lynn. Reference 1031000.
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Wingspan: 8m²
Model: 8m² complete with lines and control bar.

The Charger features the famous TwinSkin concept developed by Peter Lynn. It is primarily for Kitesurfers and Mountainboarders, offering a great tool between a classic SLE kite (with an inflatable leading edge) and a closed cell foil.

The main advantages of the Charger are:

• Stability : outstanding stability with improved and relaxing auto-zenith.

• Autonomy : easy launch, water relaunch and landing.

• Versatility : highly adaptable to various wind and water conditions (freestyle, wave, free-ride). It is also perfect for mountainboard (free-style and free-ride).

• Hangtime : the 2013 version of the Charger has great, improved lift qualities.

• Unique sensations with the control bar : with great bar feedback to the rider, which is proper to the Twinskin kites.

Its Depower together with its rotating speed are excellent for a wave ripping session!

Naturally, the Charger has no bridles for ease of use and optimal drag.

The Charger "complete version" comes with:
• Charger Expandable backpack ;
• Navigator TS control bar ;
• Safety leash ;
• Dyneema® flying lines ;
• Instruction manual ;
• Peter Lynn Kiteboarding keyring and sticker.

Colours: The Charger is available in Ocean, Orange or Rasta. All colors are not necessarily available in all sizes, so we suggest you to indicate your choice in order of preference in the field provided for this purpose.
Peter Lynn VKPL0708RA
Peter Lynn PeterLynn Charger power depower powerkites kites landkites snowkites kitesurf twinskins 8m² kite complete with dyneema flying lines and navigator ts control bars
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