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Prism Kites

Quantum Pro - Competition Kite

Brand: Prism Kites. Reference 31361.
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Weight: 314 g
Wingspan: 239 cm
Wind: Force 1 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Polyester, Mylar
Frame: Skyshark
Developed for world-renowned Team Cutting Edge and winner of the 2005 and 2006 world team championships, The Quantum Pro is the ultimate, state-of-the-art competition machine for serious pilots. Fully tunable with an optional CNC machined weight system, the Pro delivers glued-to-the-sky precision in a wide wind range with all the latest freestyle acrobatics including yo-yos, cometes, and the entire competition trick repertoire. Hand-wrapped, tapered graphite frame gives you instant response throughout the flight envelope, and a three-position bridle lets you configure precision and turn rate for individual, team, or pairs flying styles. Special leading edge fittings capture the lines in yo-yo moves so you can roll up the kite multiple times in flight, fly it around, then unroll with panache into your next trick. If you're looking for a single kite to replace most everything in your collection, the Pro combines world-class performance with a stunning look and attention to detail that mark it as a champion.

For top-level competitors like Team Cutting Edge who must be ready to perform in all conditions (the 2006 championship in France was held in winds gusting to 35 m.p.h.), a quiver of kites optimized for specific wind ranges is essential.

By custom order only, we offer specialized versions of the Quantum Pro in Super Ultralight (1-6 m.p.h.), Ultralight (3-10 m.p.h.) and Variable Vented (18-35 m.p.h.) models for competition pilots. Each version uses subtly different materials, bridle, and sail profile to give the same performance feel as the Standard model at the extremes of the wind range.

Give us a call (+33(0)297475692) or e-mail for details.

For ultimate versatility, the Pro features an optional adjustable counterweight system that lets you set the kite's balance point and wing loading for your flying style and wind conditions. Add bigger weights in stronger winds to make tricks easier and reduce pull. Move the ballast towards the tail for a trickier, radical style, or slide it close to the machined aluminum T fitting for a more forgiving feel with less speed and pull. Optional weight kit includes 10, 20, and 30 gram brass weights, stainless armature, and thumbscrew for easy adjustment.
Document for download: Prism Quantum Pro instruction manual
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