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Revolution Kites

Revolution 1.5 Reflex Classic - Quad Line Stunt Kite


Revolution Kites

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Dimensions: 236 cm (93 inch)
Wind: Force 1 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex
Frame: Carbon
Model: Revolution 1.5 Reflex Classic

Fun, power and ultimate control in a wide wind range.

The REFLEX technology with "auto-pilot" is a totally new breakthrough in kite technology design from Revolution!

This patented system allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight, thanks to the new vertical shafts equipped with springs. This increases stability, wind range, and overall control especially under difficult conditions: light wind, turbulent wind, edge of the window.

In fact, in "loss of control" situations, your Rev Reflex will shift to "Auto pilot" recovery mode where it will fly itself back to the center of the wind window.

The Reflex Classic replaces the "John Barresi" B-series and features the best materials available: Icarex polyester sail, no-fray leading edge, custom end plugs, strategically reinforced pattern design, with an optimized panel layout for maximum performance and efficient flight. Its frame is composed of a "classic" 3-WRAP carbon leading edge and two vertical "Reflex" shafts (with springs).

This kite comes with:
• Standard 13" handles with multi-knot settings
• Custom Reflex bag
• 2 free shafts: vertical with spring and outer shaft without connect

The Reflex Classic features several color choices. Call us at +33(0)297 475 692 to know available colours.

Lines sold separately.

Summary table of Revolution Reflex series:
EXP Reflex1.5 Reflex Classic1.5 Reflex RX1.5 Reflex RX SpiderReflex XX
Skill LevelBeginnerIntermediateBeginner to MasterBeginner to MasterBeginner to Master
Wind Range6-32 km/h5-32 km/h0-22 km/h10-42 km/h0-22 km/h
Wing Span236 cm (93")236 cm (93")236 cm (93")236 cm (93")249 cm (98")
FrameCarbon 3-WRAPCarbon 3-WRAPCarbon Reflex 5/16"Carbon Reflex 5/16"Carbon Reflex 5/16"
SailRip-stop NylonRip-stop Polyester IcarexRip-stop Polyester IcarexRip-stop Polyester IcarexRip-stop Polyester Icarex
HandlesStandard 13"Standard 13"Carbon 13"Carbon 13"Carbon 13"

Revolution Kites VSRV00204
Revolution Reflex Classic 1.5 Quad Lines Stunt Kites sport dark blue black grey
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