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Revolution EXP...
Revolution Kites

Revolution EXP

Brand: Revolution Kites. Reference 3.
Model stopped.
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Wingspan: 92 inches (233 cm)
Wind: Force 2 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Model: Revolution EXP (1.5 type Rev)

All the 1.5 Rev kites offer the same potential for control ; the EXP is priced and packaged with the beginner experience in mind.

Revolution kites are easier to fly than you would ever imagine. The classic four-line Revolution design is exemplified in the EXP model, great for a wide range of wind conditions.

Talents include forward and reverse flight, propeller-like spins, and "brakes" allowing total speed control and the popular "dive-stop" maneuver.

All this is possible flying the EXP with its economical rip-stop sail framed with the 3-WRAP "Ultra Light" rods. The stainless steel handles keep you in control of this flying machine.

Comes with 13 inches handles, DVD and instructions.

Lines sold separately.
Revolution Kites REXP
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