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TSG Skate Protection Set knees-elbows-wrists - Black Size L



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TSG reference: 76027-50-102
Safety Standard(s): EN 14120:2003+A1:2007, Level 1

TSG Skate Protection Set knees-elbows-wrists - Black - TSG

This all-in-one skate protection set includes a set of knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards for beginners and bargain hunters. The elbow and knee pads feature EVA cup foam and PE caps to provide protection against impacts and abrasions. The wrist guards stabilise hands and wrists with full straps and palm splint.

The set includes:
• a pair of elbow pads
• a pair of knee pads
• a pair of wrist guards

Sizes S / M / L:
• Elbow Top Circ.: 21-24 cm / 24-27 cm / 27-30 cm
• Elbow Bottom Circ.: 21-24 cm / 24-27 cm / 27-30 cm
• Knee Top Circ.: 33-39 cm / 37-43 cm / 40-47 cm
• Knee Bottom Circ.: 31-34 cm / 33-36 cm / 35-39 cm

About helmets and protective gear by TSG
They are a wild bunch of former pro snowboarders, freeskiers, skaters, BMXers, MTBers and all-round thrill seekers, who just happen to be science-minded perfectionists: they are all about creating the best protection possible. Back in 1988, they simply could not find protective gear that measured up to their high expectations. With years of riding already behind them, they knew exactly what they wanted to make. Since then, TSG are dedicated to making the best protective gear in the world. Gear that constantly raises the bar in terms of style, comfort, design, technology - and, above all, safety.
TSG 76027-50-102
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