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Wooden bird house - Le...
Moulin Roty

Wooden bird house - Le Jardin du Moulin - Moulin Roty


Moulin Roty

Reference 712301.
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Dimensions: 18 x 17 x H.22 cm
Wooden bird house - Le Jardin du Moulin - Moulin Roty

The perfect home for tits and sparrow to make their nest.

To help keep unwanted insects at bay in your garden or on your balcony, you need help from the birds. Attached high in a tree or on a post, this little nest makes an ideal home for sparrow and tits, giving them shelter during winter, and keeping them safely out reach of dogs and cats.

About the collection "Le Jardin du Moulin" :
The Jardin du Moulin offers a range of products to encourage the very youngest to try their hand at gardening and explore the natural world. A collection along three main lines to teach children to become, in turn, an explorer, a botanist and a gardener.
The whole world of the Jardin du Moulin is told through the illustrations. The sophisticated graphics, rich in colour and detail, offer a subtle reference in style to either naturalists’ illustrations or antique maps.

This wonderful world of the infinitely small brings to life fun little animals or insects, each telling their own story: a centipede with its scarf, a cricket in a bowler hat, a swallow with a little neckerchief, a ladybird with a shopping basket, a very affectionate hedgehog play companion… Discover all the treasures of nature through children’s eyes !
Moulin Roty 712301
MoulinRoty roty rotty rotis rottis animals animal the garden of mill hut at birds insects birds trees nature garden outside outside House tits wood small
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