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6.5FT Eagle Vector...
Premier RC

6.5FT Eagle Vector Kite 840 Series

Brand: Premier RC. Reference 10198.
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Age: 14 + years
Dimensions: 73 x 198 cm
Weight: 233g (without Power Unit and battery)
Wind: Force 0 to 3 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass
Vector Ready for 840 Power Unit Series (sold separately).

This kite is made with lightweight fabric that looks very life-like in the sky. Since the engine is placed over the body, no propellors are seen as the Eagle majestically soars overhead.

The kite is very quick to assemble and easy to fly.

About "Vector Kites" developed by Premier RC
Vector Powered Kites offer an undiscovered bridge between the beauty and gracefulness of traditional kite flying with the art of piloting remote aircraft. It's innovative, exhilarating and incomparable – the playground in the sky has just received a new theme park!

- Vector control does not rely on airspeed. Kites can stall, stop and drift on the wind while the pilot still has full control to maneuver any direction.

- Kites by nature are slow moving, Vector power works in zero airspeed - what a great combination!

- By nature, kites are way more durable than foam or wood aircraft. This is especially true when you compare equally size aircraft with Vector Kite sizes. What kind of 5 foot aircraft can be crashed into the ground without significant damage? Vector Kites simply absorb the crash and are often ready to fly after such events.

- Vector Kites are big! And even better, they easily breakdown for transport and can fit in a small case for travel.

- Their slow movement make Vector Kites great for indoor gym flying.

- Some Vector Kites are able to simply lift off the ground with no taxiing but by directing thrust with high throttle downward.

- Vector kiting has a big advantage over traditional aircraft flying: the power unit is interchangable with all Vector Kites. Once you have purchased a kite with a Vector Power Unit, you may use the same power unit to fly other kites!
Premier RC 10198
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