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Micro Cruiser Pink -...
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

Micro Cruiser Pink - Scooter for ages 7-12


Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

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Age: 7 + years
Weight: 4,5 kg
Micro Cruiser Pink - Scooter for ages 7-12

A new shape is coming to town – the Micro Cruiser is here and one thing is for sure: Wherever you roll, you are going to turn heads. Its V-shaped handlebar and a short deck allow a nippy cruising experience and evoke an urban vibe. This scooter is a compact folder, designed to fit small spaces, but even so, features 200 mm wheels. Look fly, roll easy and slide through the city’s jungle without any hassle.

- age class: 7-12 years
- kind of wheel: hard rubber (PU)
- surface kind: asphalt
- application mode: mobility and movement
- application mode: fun and Games
- size of wheel: 200 mm (PU)
- kind of folding: collapsible
- maximum load: 100 kg
- special features: height-adjustable handlebar

About Micro Scooters
Often copied, never equaled, the Micro scooters are robust and designed for your everyday pleasure. They benefit from a 4-year warranty and the brand also guarantee the availability of spare parts of your scooters for 10 years... "You do not change a Micro, you get it repaired!"
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards SA0170
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