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Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

Micro Scooter Pedalflow - Adult - Black


Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

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Weight: 7,3 kg
Material: aluminium
Micro Pedalflow: bike without saddle or scooter with pedals!

The folding aluminium vehicle is the latest innovation from the Kickboard inventor. It allows riders to cover short distances with simplicity and speed. With its simple folding design, it's the ideal companion for getting to work or when visiting the city. It doesn't require much space, and can be quickly stowed away under the seat in the train or tram. Simply unfold it again and it's ready to ride and, in addition to this, it's a lot of fun and a real eye catcher! The stylish, unpretentious design gives it a cool and elegant look.

In the BLACK version, the Pedalflow is equipped with rear and front mudguards.

- Age class: Youth & Adults
- Product Kind: Pedalflow
- Kind of Wheel: Pneumatic
- Surface Kind: Asphalt, Pebble path, Cobblestone
- Application mode: Mobility and Movement, Travel
- Kind of folding: Collapsible
- Maximum Load: 100 kg

About Micro Scooters
Often copied, never equaled, the Micro scooters are robust and designed for your everyday pleasure. They benefit from a 4-year warranty and the brand also guarantee the availability of spare parts of your scooters for 10 years... "You do not change a Micro, you get it repaired!"
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards CB0002
Micro Scooters Pedalflow Adults bikes bicycles without saddles with pedals move urban mobility teens teenagers black
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