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Prism Kites

Prism Equalizer Adjustable Flight Straps

Brand: Prism Kites. Reference 3072.
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One more innovative accessory by Prism

Have you ever helped someone whose flying lines stretched unevenly, leaving one longer than the other? We certainly have, and despite all our efforts in manufacturing we still see lines that stretch unequally with use, or creep unequally while on the shelf as the pre-stretch we do in production relaxes.

For years, the solution has been to equalize them by re-sleeving one of the lines. It's an annoying task, difficult to explain over the phone and time consuming when you'd rather be flying.

Now there is a much simpler solution! These "Equalizer" adjustable flight straps incorporate an adjustable-length pigtail that you can let in or out in seconds to equalize your lines. Just tie an overhand knot to shorten whichever side is too long for an instant fix without even walking to your kite.

Have a look at the video for more details.
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