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MBS VECTOR Pivot Cups...
MBS Mountainboards

MBS VECTOR Pivot Cups (set of 4)

Brand: MBS Mountainboards. Reference 34154.
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Material: nylon
Set of 4 "pivot cups" for MBS VECTOR trucks (All Terrain Skate).

High-precision nylon Vector Pivot Cups are the essential link between the moving parts of the Vector Truck System. Although they are hidden away in the inside of the truck, they have a very obvious impact on the overall performance and precision of Vector Trucks. Because the new nylon material is harder than the traditional urethane material, energy is more directly transfered from your deck to your wheels helping your board go where you want it to go. Upgrade your old Vector Pivot Cups and enjoy renewed turning precision all season long.
MBS Mountainboards 12023
MBS VECTOR Pivots Cups set of four mtbs atbs caps pieces replacements parts accessory accessories original repair spare parts
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