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12-ft Riviera...
Into The Wind

12-ft Riviera Highlighter Delta Kite

Brand: Into The Wind. Reference 3612.
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Dimensions: 365 x 185 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Carbon and fiberglass
Light up the sky

With impressive size and pull, the 12-ft Highlighter Delta is perfect for fliers seeking a lifter that's also great for casual flying. Light winds make it soar with moderate pull. Strong winds give it the power to lift lots of line laundry, but you'll want to anchor it down!

Riviera Highlighter's frame in detail:
• Leading Edge: Fiberglass Tube Ø 10mm
• Spine: Fiberglass Tube Ø 10mm
• Spreader: Carbon Tube Ø 12mm

Comes in a strong and compact bag 110x18cm.

Dacron® line sold separately (minimum 200-lb/90kg).

How much wind do you need?
Generally, less than you think. Gentle breezes are better for kiteflying. If your kite loops or dives while pulling hard on the line, the wind is too strong. It it wobbles and fails to climb, the wind is too light. If the kite is heading towards the ground, let the line out instead of pulling it. Either the kite will correct it's flight or if it hits the ground it will have a much softer landing.
Into The Wind 3612
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