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Sky Shark P series...
Sky Shark Air Frames

Sky Shark P series Non-tapered (straight) carbon tube

Brand: Sky Shark Air Frames. Reference 3746.
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Material: carbon
Skyshark P Series Straight Carbon Tubes
Sky Shark™ Competition Air Frames are world renowned as the very best competition tubes. It is no wonder, the best flyers in the world use Sky Shark™ Air Frames. The facts speak for themselves, there is no equal to the weight to stiffness of Sky Shark™. The consistent quality of the fibers and tubes offer un-matched reliability and performance. Sky Shark™ is commited to bringing the the very best to kite flyers of all abilities.

The Sky Shark™ P Series Straight Carbon Tubes work great for building sport kites as well as single line kites. They can be cut and ferruled anywhere using a solid carbon rod. They can also be ferruled with ferrule ref. 1152.

A common question is "what is the difference between P-series tubes and the tapered tubes?" Weight versus stiffness. Example 3pt, at 12.5 grams, has the stiffness of the P-200 at 14.5 grams. Which is more durable? The P200. The 3pt is an ultra light performance tube wind range 2mph to 12 mph or more depending on design. The P-200 could take winds up to over 20 mph and not break. It would lack the performance of a stiffer tube, but can take it, unlike the 3pt.

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Skyshark P series Tube Specifications
ModelLength in centimetersWeight in gramsExternal ØInternal Ø

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