Single-line kites for kids

Playful and no problem, monofilies for children are preferred for the summer. Indeed, during this summer season, Bilboquet Sport offers you a variety of single-line models specially designed for children and juniors. Find here the very first kite of your little one. You can choose from a wide selection of monofil childrens toys.

Girl or boy, your child will find happiness in this section. You will find the Monofil Draki XL girl, specially designed for little girls, the Monofil Draki XL Ninja for little boys, and Monofil Draki XL rainbow and Monofil Draki XL Red suitable for everyone.

You will also find in this section MONOFILS FOR CHILDREN various kites. The Kite Single-line kite - Phoenix, Eagle single-line kite - WindNSun, Eddy Super Fox kite - Djeco, Eddy Panda kite - Djeco ... will please your child for sure. Your child will even be able to customize their kite with Kite Coloring - Dinosaurs, Kite Coloring - Mandala Paisley, Kite Coloring - Pirate Ship or Kite Coloring - Peacock to foster creativity

You will also find toys such as Parafoil 2 Bold innovation - 60x50cm single-line kite and Parafoil 5 Bold innovation - 101x78cm single-line kite to make the happiness of your little one.

Animal kites, princess, robots ... there is something for everyone. Good discovery !