Lines, sleeving, bridle, elastic

Welcome to the section of lines, sheath, bridle, elastic! Bilboquet Sport makes a point of honor to offer you only articles of excellent quality. You will find in this section various elements and spare parts for your kite such as lines, sheath, flange, elastic.

Thus, you will find here ready-made lines, such as Skyline Lathes (on a plate, ready to use). If you are looking for reel lines, you will also find various models in this section such as Skyline Lines (on reels) or the Gold Pro Laser Line on reels, and many more.

If you are looking for line games, here you will find various models including the 2x25m 60kg Line Game, the 2x25m 110kg Line Game or the more efficient model: the 2x25m 140kg Line Game. You will also find the set of 2 dyneema lines 170kg / 2x20m - Vector and the set of 4 lines Dyneema 55kg / 4x25m.

For your kite, you have the choice between the Indoor Kite Line Set, the Climax Black-line - 100 meters - Line for single-line kites, the Climax Black-line - 500 meters - Line for deer single-line steering wheel and linen line for kite fighter.