Because safety is the key word at Bilboquet, we have concocted a special selection of protections and accessories. In this section you will find everything you need to keep your child safe.

Helmets, gloves, protectors ... protection accessories are not lacking in this section. To avoid having to buy accessories one by one, we offer sets and protection packs. To practice skateboarding safely, opt for the Basic Blue / Yellow Skate Protective Set, the Basic Black Skate Protective Set, the TSG Skate-Knee-Wrist-Old School Skate Pack, and more. For the little ones, you can choose from our Junior Protection Sets, including the Junior Blue / Yellow Skate Protection Set or the JUNIOR TSG Knee-Elbow-Wrist Skate Protection Pack - Black.

In terms of accessories, you have something to bring a fun touch to the bike of your little one with our selection of bicycle bell. You can opt for the Bell Metal Bicycle Bell - Liix Ding Dong Bell Ø80mm, the Bell Never Give Up by Carolyn Gavin - Liix Ding Dong Bell Ø80mm, the Unicorn Piñata Bicycle Bell - Liix Mini Ding Bell Dong, the Bell Tender Motif bike - Liix Mini Ding Dong Bell, etc.

Helmets are a must for cycling, scooter or skateboarding safely. Discover our wide range of choices of child helmet. Make your toddler happy with these models of 3D Dinosaur Child Helmet with Led - Size S, Elephant Child Helmet with Led - Size S, etc.