Welcome to the Buggy section! Here you will find everything you need for your buggy. Although the buggy remains a recreational vehicle, its purchase and choice is not done lightly. To ensure the quality of your model, choose Bilboquet for the purchase of your buggy. Here you will find plenty of models that will surely please you.

Want a brand new buggy? Opt for one of our models in this section. You can choose the Zebra Free Buggy, the Peter Lynn DRIFTER Buggy (stainless steel), the Peter Lynn RALLY Buggy or the V-Max II Buggy. These models are equally powerful, both.

For accessories, do not panic, Bilboquet has everything you need. In this section you will find different models of spacers such as Spacer 12x38mm front fork / front wheel XR + / Folding +, Spacer 20x47mm for XR + / Bigfoot + / Folding + rear wheel, Spacer 15x55mm for wheel 15mm or Spacer 12x55mm for wheel 12mm. Competition ST buggy fork, buggy mudguard, Bigfoot + buggy rear axle and other essential accessories are also available in this section. Good discovery !