The bike is suitable for all children of all ages, from 2 years, until adolescence. Contrary to popular belief, a child bike is not the miniature version of the adult bike. Each of our models is well thought out to be adapted to the morphology of your child and to his center of gravity. We have selected the most beautiful bikes according to the quality standards in force to ensure the safety of your little one. To get started on cycling, there is nothing better than opting for a progressive bike. Bilboquet offers you the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition model, 2-in-1 progressive balance bike, the Red and white Bikloon wooden balance bike - Learning bike, the Little Bikloon Balance bike - From 2 years old, the Wishbone Bike, progressive bike balance 2- in-1 - Learning Bike. For a touch of color, go for the LR1L Balance Bike - Red or the LR1L - Kiwi Balance Bike.

Tricycles can also help your little one learn to pedal. You can choose the Puky 1L Capt'n Sharky Tricycle (2 years and up), the Puky Cat 1 S - Red Tricycle, the CAT S6 Ceety® Puky Tricycle - Bronze - From 18 months, or the CAT S6 Ceety® Puky Tricycle - Red - From 18 months old.

For accessories, here you will find different models suitable for children's bicycles. For example, you can choose the Seat Cover for the Wishbone Bike - Blue, the Transport Belt for Balance Bikes and Scooters, the Tube for Wishbone Bike, etc. Go around the section and choose the models you like. On your marks, ready, pedal!