RC Vector Powered Kites

Want some models of specific kites? Bilboquet Sport offers a wide range of choices that are sure to please you. Fill up on ideas with our selection of specific kites.

If you like animals, you will be served in this section. You'll find the Vector Kite Gen I Series Duck with Engine - Op-Art Black, the Vector Kite Gen I Series Duck with Engine - Op-Art Blue, the Duck Single Line Kite by Carsten Domann - Cool, and the Single-line Kite Duck by Carsten Domann - Black.

For combat enthusiasts, here you'll also find the Hata Classic Combat Kite, the Hata Color Wheel Combat Kite, and the Hoopty Fighting Kite by Jeff Howard.

Parrots, eagles ... kites imitating animals are numerous in this section. You can opt for the Eagle Vector Kite 840 Series 6.5FT, the Vector Kite 840 Series Parrot, or the Eagle Vector Kite Gen II Series 9.5FT. This section also contains Orbit wave kites, including the Rokkaku Cool Orbit Wave Kite 160x198cm or the Rokkaku Warm Orbit Rays Kite 160x198cm.

Whatever the model of specific kites of your choice, Bilboquet has everything you need in this section. On your marks, ready, order!