Single line kites for adults

Kite adept and other single-line games? Bilboquet Sport has everything you need. Because games are not just for children and young people, adults also have the right to have fun with Bilboquet. To make pretty pictures, have fun in the light wind or to fly a real work of art, choose among the monofils for adults in this section.

You'll find the Zenith 7 - Aurora - Single Line Kite, Zenith 7 - Ultraviolet - Single Line Kite, Zenith 7 - Infrared - Single Line Kite, 40 inch Kite Rainbow Monofil Box, and Bora - Kite flexible monofilament.

For Halloween, you can also choose from Dia Los Meurtos Skeleton Monofilament 640cm - Single Line Kite by Daryl Yeh, Dia De Los Meurtos Skeleton 396cm - Single Line Kite by Daryl Yeh, Skeleton 640cm - Single Line Kite Daryl Yeh, Pirate Skeleton 396cm - Single-line Kite by Daryl Yeh, or Pirate Skeleton 640cm - Single-line Kite by Daryl Yeh.

As aesthetic as it is contemplative, flying a monofilament is one of the hottest leisure activities for adults. Bilboquet offers a wide range of decorative and design models that will surely please you. Indeed, here you will find Isotope monofilaments - Single-line kite - Mojito, F-Tail Dart Rainbow Large single-line kite, Mega Flying Fish by Juergen Ebbinghaus - Cool Orbit, etc.

If you are looking for a model combining performance and originality, do not hesitate to browse the section for adult monofils.