Stunt kite accessories

Take advantage of our experience and our know-how to equip you with your kite. Revolution kit, bags for kites, handles, bars, bags ... fill up on accessories in this section.

For your kite, you can choose for the Ø6mm freestyle kite - Drilled, Kite Queue, Kite Queue or Acrobatic Kite Brakes. The pad for the kite lines, the pair of stunt kite wrist straps, the pair of stunt kite wrist straps. If you have problems with your kite, you can opt for the kite repair kit. For Kite Bag, 122cm, Pro-Stack Neutrino Kite Bag or HQ Kite Bag 180cm or HQ Proline Kite Bag 170cm. You will also find the Indoor Kite Line Game.

Skyline (on a plate, ready to use), the Dyneema 55kg / 4x25m 4-Line Set, the Pro Gold Laser Line on Reels or the Skyline Lines (on reels) are also available on the heading.