Skateboards et longboards

Because skateboards and longboards are not reserved only for grown-ups, children can also enjoy them. Bilboquet has selected the best models of skateboards and longboards and has grouped them in this section.

For children who are fans of the slide, opt for a longboard to help them learn the sport. Make them happy by offering them a longboard among our selections. So you can opt for the model Longboard Pinner Evo Globe 40inch - Matte Black Coral, Longboard Pinner Classic Globe 40inch - Walnut, MBS All-Terrain Drop Deck Longboard - 39inch, etc.

We also have skateboard models specially designed for children. The 7-inch Palm Off Mini Red Fade Dye 6/8-year-old Kids' Skateboard, the 8/7-year-old Endless Bummer Mid Seafoam / Natural 7,375-inch Kids Skateboard, or the 6-to-8-year-old Concrete Dreams Mid Breeze Green Kids Skateboard - 7.6 excellent choice for your little one.

The biggest will be spoiled in this section. Indeed, here you will find skateboard models ranging from 7 to inches. Complete Skateboard Street G3 Pearl Slick Cosmic Black - 8.12 Inch, Complete Skateboard Street G2 In Holo Flames / Tsunami - 7.75 Inch, Complete Street Skateboard G2 In Holo Flames / Quake - 8 Inch, Skateboard GLOBE Street G1 Beyond 7.87 Inch, Skateboard GLOBE Street G1 Alight 7.75 inches ... the choice is wide.