Dual-line kites

Young pilots and the youngest will find happiness in the category of kites 2 lines. Models with beautiful patterns and design to fall are waiting for you among our selection of kites 2 lines. Here you will find various models such as the Neutrino - Complete Stunt Kite, the Neutrino Add-on - Stuntable Kite, etc.

You want to introduce your child to this art of flying kites or you want to introduce yourself to this art? Opt for kite flying kites beginner kite Nunchaku Rainbow Must Have, the orange Wingman - Beginner Freestyle Kite or the Wingman Rainbow - Beginner Freestyle Kite.

The more experienced will find their happiness by choosing from the models Zodarion Acrobatic Kite (Nude), the Spyder - Naked Speed ​​Kite, or the Green Tomboy Acrobatic Kite. You can also give free rein to your imagination by choosing the Quorra - Freestyle Kite HQ Ion - Multi-purpose / Freestyle Stunt Kite or the Radical Freestyle Kite.

The choice of his kite is not done anyhow. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced or a simple amateur, you will find your happiness among our models of kites 2 lines. Make your choice and order the model that you like most.