Wind banners and flags

Welcome to the banners and flags section! Bilboquet Make the most of beautiful sunny days with banners and sheets specially designed for you. Because we played with the wind, we have already chosen the trendy accessories that you can find in this section.

Fantasy flags are very trendy in winter as in summer. Make up a colorful touch in your garden or your outdoor space, take advantage of our flags models. Rainbow by David Ti, The Sun Flag 101x213cm - Sun Banner - Progress Banner by David, The Flag Flash 71x101cm - Progress Banner by David Ti, The Cellon Flag 91x157cm - Progressive Rainbow Banner by David Ti, Flag in Spi Pulse 71x124cm - David Ti Collection etc. To install your flag, you can replace it with 2 positions.

You will also find various telescopic masts in this section for your banners and windsocks. RENOVATED 5.79 meters for banner, flexible telescopic 4.87 meters for windsock, etc. are excellent choices.

If you are near a lake, go for Heaven's Gate - Arch of 20 Eddy Kites.