Bilboquet makes it a point of honor to satisfy all the needs and desires of each child. You will find in the section various full of toys adapted to your butt. Balance, juggling, tops and more, the games presented in this section are conducive to promote the physical development and intellectual development of your child. Your little one is a fan of juggling or do you want to introduce him to this art? Let yourself be tempted by the book Juggling, a simple and easy fun LES MASSUES - Mister Babache Juggling Learning Booklet or LE DIABOLO - Mister Babache Juggling Learning Booklet and Le Poi Book.

Your little one loves tops? Bilboquet offers you a whole range of wooden spinning tops: Wooden Twist Toupie, Wooden Magic Twist, Wooden Twine Toupie - Blue, Yellow Bright Spinning Top - Small Wonders, Green Luminous Top - Small Wonders, etc. You will also find other models including the little spinning top - The Toddlers, the 7cm Fire Chain (pair).

Does your child love playing Yoyo? It will be served with all articles on the Yoyo in this section. You can choose the YoYoFactory Electric Hubstack Glow LED - Yo-yo advanced level, the Yoyofactory Short Circuit Twine Toupe, or the YoYoFactory Hubstack Electric Glow LED - Yo-yo advanced level. To introduce your child to this game, go for the book Yo-Yo's World.