Diabolos and other wire games

Welcome to the section of Diabolos and other games of threads! Here you will find something to entertain all your tribe during the summer. The player throws the diabolos in the air and does his best to catch it by using a wire connected to two chopsticks. To really introduce your little one, go for the LE DIABOLO - Mister Babache Juggling Learning Booklet, the Medium Arlequin Diabolo (Without Wand), and a Pair of ALUMINUM Diabolo Sticks.

You can also opt for the wooden Bilboquet - GREEN - 18cm and the Kit Evolution kit 3 (weights) for Diabolo Finesse or Tornado. If you have a diabolo but you need to change the threads, you have a wide range of choices among the articles in this section. You can choose Diabolo Replacement Wire or Henry's Diabolo Wire (by the meter).

Bilboquet also offers many other 100% fun games such as Yoyo. Here you will find YoYoFactory ONE, the YoYoFactory Velocity® - Yo-yo scalable with adjust-o-matic system. You will also find spare parts such as the Hubstacks Pair - YoYoFactory Spare Part, the Stainless Steel Bearing for Yo-Yo.

This section has something to delight all children to learn to develop their dexterity. Make the most of discovery and choose the best suited for your little one.