Spacers, tubes, rim ... mountainboard accessories are essential to enjoy the sport. If you are looking for the right accessories for your mountainboards, you are in the right place. Bilboquet offers plenty of quality items that you will not want to miss.

Do you need a tube for your mountainboards? Choose from our Inner Tube models: Inner tube for tire 8 inches (per unit) Inner tube 9 inches MBS Inner tube 8 inches MBS. These tubes are chosen according to your tires.

For tires, you can also choose Roadie MBS Tires - 8in - black (unit), 9inch Free Tire (single), etc. Rims go with the tires, and Bilboquet also offers models perfectly suited to your mountainboards. Here you will find the MBS FiveStar Rim (unit) - Mountainboard Rim, Rim with 9 "Wheel Bearings - Mountainboard, etc.

Small accessories such as Rockstar PRO Aluminum Wheel Spacers (Set of 10), Kheo Ball Bearing (Single), MBS Mountainboard Ball Bearing, etc. are also available on the site.