Beach games

Summer is in full swing. There is nothing better than enjoying the good weather with your little one at the beach. Thus, Bilboquet offers a wide range of beach games, suitable for all ages and all tastes. Discover here beach buckets, sand pans, shovels, etc. in short, anything that may please your child.

For a day at the beach, building a sand castle is a must for all children. Bilboquet then offers you many articles so that the construction of sand castles is a real breeze. For example, find the small 1.25 liter beach bucket or the sand mold specially designed for the construction of a sand castle. You will also find the big shovel to carry the sand and a large bucket to make the biggest and the most beautiful sand castle of all the beach.

The little ones can also enjoy the sun while having fun. Here you will find Baby Hippo watering cans that are suitable for both beach games and games in the bathroom. Your little one will also love the fishing boat and the Aqua Target skill game.

Browse through our selection of beach games specially designed to delight your little one. Choose from toys and enjoy the beautiful summer days with your child.