Who has not dreamed of karting at home? Bilboquet offers you various models that will not fail to please you. From an early age, your child will have the taste of the art of skiing by practicing the kart. Pedal karts of quality await you in this section to make the happiness of your child. Good discovery !

For the little ones, from two to five years, various models are available. You can choose the Buzzy Fiat 500 Pedal Kart (2-5 years), the Buzzy BSX Pedal Kart (2-5 years), the Berg Reppy Rider Pedal Kart (2.5-6 years), etc. From 3 years, more adapted models such as the yellow Buddy Cross Pedal Kart (3-8 years), the BMW Street Racer Pedal Kart (3-8 years), the Buddy B-Orange Pedal Kart (3 -8 years) are an excellent choice. For older children, Bilboquet offers models suitable for everyone, such as the BERG Offroad X-Cross BFR Pedal Kart (5-99 years old), the BERG Offroad Safari BFR-3 Pedal Kart (5-99 years old), etc.

In terms of accessories, Bilboquet presents many models, including the Blunt Wheel 120mm Lambo Jack - Accessories for scooters, the Orange X-Cross duo seat - BERG pedal kart passenger seat, the duo Safari seat - Passenger kart pedal seat BERG, the Junior Trailer for BERG Kart (without attachment), the BERG Buddy Kart Trailer, the Orange BERG Buddy Kart Light, etc.