After school or after tea, children need to let off steam. Address, memory, reflection ... balance games promote the physical development and intellectual development of your little one. You will find here plenty of toys that will not fail your child. You can choose purchases Twine Box (pair), Pogo Stick jumping stick for children up to 50kg, Unicycle Luxus or Unicycle OnlyOne Ø50cm (20 inches). For unicycles, you can choose the Luxus Saddle - Zebra - Unicycle Accessory, the Luxus Black Saddle with Handle - Unicycle Accessory or the Luxus Saddle - Flame - Unicycle Accessory.

To spend pleasant moments with your family, do not hesitate to play balance games. Bilboquet has everything to seduce you among the selections of articles in the heading balance. You can choose the Gibbon Classic Line X13 (15m) - Slackline Family, the Gibbon Surfer Line X13 (30m) - Longline / Waterline, and for beginners, the Gibbon Fun Line X13 (15m) - Slackline Beginners / Kids.

And to protect you from falls, opt for the knee and elbow pads and other body protections. QU-AX Knee Guards / Elbow Guards are an excellent choice for this purpose. Finally, Bilboquet also offers various selections of stilts in aluminum or wood: Wooden stilts and adjustable aluminum QU-AX stilts.