Kite parts, connectors...

Who does not dream of flying a kite? But if unfortunately you have problems with your kite or your connection, you need to find spare parts. Bilboquet has selected the best pieces of kites and connectors to help you solve any problems with your toy.

Need a kite fitting? Here you'll find the Aero Stuff GOLD Fitting, the Quantum / Hypnotist Prism Leading Edge Fitting, the Dynamic DT15 Inside Carbon Fitting, the Aero Stuff GOLD S and BLUE Fitting, etc. You can also choose the Brass Fitting or the Aluminum Fitting. Your kite or your connection lack of mouthpiece? Bilboquet proposes various types of end for kite and end for connector. So you can opt for the Pica Prism Kite Mouthpiece, the Revolution 2-Piece Set, and so on. You will also find various types of Split End Cap such as Split End Cap FSD, 3mm Split End for Beetle Split End for Quantum / Hypnotist Prism, Split End for 4-D Prism or Split End for E3 / Zephyr / QPro Prism (with cap). We also offer long tips such as the Long End for Beetle.

You will also find in this section various items for Beetle including Nose for Beetle, Beetle Whiskey Junction, Beetle Wand Junction, etc.