Spinners and windmills

Aside from their strictly decorative aspect, windmills can bring a most original touch to your outdoors. Bilboquet offers you various models that will not fail to please you. In this section devoted entirely to wind turbines and windmills, you will find quality articles that will give a modern look to your garden and that will delight your children.

More than a hundred articles are waiting for you in this section. Of the wind games to hang, wind turbines are the most popular. Bilboquet offers various models including 2-in-1 Wind Turbine - Bird Goldfinch, Wind Turbine 2 in 1 - Bird Parrot, Metal Wind Turbine - Exotic Flower - Jade, CIM Eolian Metal Painted Kinetic spinner 61cm Jewel, etc.

Add a colorful touch to your garden with our windmill selections. Here you will find the model of Windmill Bird Paradise, the Mini windmill - bike grip, Rainbow windmill Ø31cm and many more. You can also opt for our balloons, including the Satin Globe Rainbow Ball Ø23cm with fringes and the Balloon Satorn Globe gradient Ø23cm with fringes.

Little Flower Dots Double - Decorative windmill, Exotic Flower - Samoa - Decorative metal windmill ... Bilboquet does not lack the decorative elements! So, on your marks, ready, decorate!

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The 2 in 1 Windspinner series impresses with its double functionality.
The windspinners can be hung with hooks and twine, or decorated with a stick as a garden plug. The required accessories are included. The assembly is very easy to accomplish, since the propeller rotating in the wind is pre-assembled and only has to be plugged onto the guide rod. All 2 in 1 windspinners are easily put into the wind thanks to their slide bearing and are especially easy to turn.