Kite making Fabrics

You want to make your own kite? Or do you want to make a trendy accessory? Opt for our fabric manufacturing and haberdashery. Give free rein to your imagination and get inspired with our articles dedicated to haberdashery and manufacturing fabrics.

In terms of polyester fabric, you can choose the Ripstop Polyester Fabric 60D (70g / m²) available in several colors, or the Polyester Fabric Icarex 31g / m² (by the meter). You can also opt for nylon fabrics such as the Schikarex Nylon Fabric 48g / m² (the meter), the Chikara Nylon Fabric 41g / m² (per meter) and the Chikara Nylon Fabric 41g / m² (per meter), available in different colors. 100% fun.

For repairs, you will find here the Spi transparent sticker for repairs, the Spi sticker WHITE for repairs (by the meter), the Black gauze - Fabric ventilated (by the meter). You want to make your own kite bag? Opt for the 300g / m² Polyester Bag Fabric (per meter). Small accessories such as Double Sided Sticker 6mm (50m reel), Sewing Thread (Serafil 80), or Elastic Ø 3mm (by the meter) are not what are missing in this section.

Browse through this section, choose from our selections of kite and haberdashery fabrics and let your imagination run free!