Power kite lessons

Have you just bought your traction kite or draft sail and are looking for a boost to help you get started? You are in the right place. At Bilboquet Sport, we offer a kite course - 4-line land-pulling sail for you to learn the basics of the kite traction.

The know-how of the monitor is a guarantee of your satisfaction and your success. To progress quickly, there is nothing better than to seek the help of a professional. Take maximum pleasure while learning by choosing the Kite Course - 4-line land-pulling sail. Make your first steps in the world of kite flying and traction sailing easier with the Kite Course - 4-line land pull sail.

This introductory course is perfect for beginners and amateurs alike. For more advanced levels, you can opt for another refresher course.

Introduction to kite flying thanks to the kite course - 4-line land traction sail will help you slide like a pro. Do not hesitate !