Stunt kite lessons

Who has never dreamed of flying a kite like a real pro? If the art of flying a kite interests you, this section grouping especially kite flying courses is for you. If you are a beginner and you want to introduce you to this art, opt for the kite lessons 2 lines - initiation. You will learn the essentials of piloting kite flyable 2 lines. By following these courses, flying a kite will be for you like a breeze.

You have a little experience in driving kites 2 lines but you want to improve in this art? The Stunt Kite 2 Line - Advanced level is for you. You will see techniques that will help you improve your skills in flying a 2-line kite.

If instead you are interested in the art of flying a kite flyable 4 lines, here you will find courses specially designed for this purpose. The 4-Line Stunt Kite Courses will give you detailed explanations on flying 4-line kites. Amateur, beginner, experienced ... all levels have their share among the kite courses offered by Bilboquet Sport. On your marks, ready, drive!

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