To introduce you to the understanding and the control of the winds, Bilboquet proposes you all the accessories which you will need. You will find here plenty of products that will not fail to please you.

Are you looking for the model of traction sails perfectly suited for you? Choose from our models: HQ Symphony Beach III - Sail 2 lines CrossKites Boarder - Sail 2 lines with CrossKites Air control bar. The CrossKites Air - Sail 2 lines and the Amigo Trainer DC - 2 Line Pull Sail are also models that you will like for sure. To get started in the art of wings and traction sails, you must first equip yourself. To initiate you, you can choose the Sail 2 lines Amigo Sail of initiation 2 lines, the Amigo Sail of initiation 2 lines. To choose your pull wing, consider the size, model and your needs. Bilboquet offers a wide range of choices that will please you for sure.

Because each model has been designed with the aim of offering you superior wings, you will not be disappointed with our accessories