Garden games

It's summer ! Who says summer, says spend his days with children outside. Bilboquet offers in this section full of garden games that are sure to please your child. If you have a large outdoor area, these garden games by Bilboquet will be appropriate for your child.

All children dream of having an outdoor hut to mimic the big ones or to make lots of memories with friends. Bilboquet offers a wide range of outdoor kids' hut choices. These garden furniture are perfect for stimulating the creativity of your child.

You will also find tables and benches with umbrellas and cushions to enjoy the weather for playing cards, having tea outside, or organizing a birthday outdoors.

Who says garden games, necessarily says trampoline. Bilboquet also offers a range of trampolines to make your child happy. By choosing these trampolines, you will be sure that your child will be happy for the summer. We also offer ladders of trampolines.

Enjoy the summer in peace with our garden games of all kinds.