EO6 single line kite

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- Six intersecting planes
- 30" wingspan
- 4-25mph wind range
- includes 200' line on handle winder.

Unique collapsible design

Unique folding clasp keeps the kite flat for storage with a mesh pocket for your flying line. Open the clasp like a book and kite springs instantly to shape, ready for action. Just clip on your line and toss into the air for unforgettable fun. Quick start flying instructions are printed permanently on the inside of the clasp. Makes a great gift !

The 2007 EO (expandable object) series is the original brainchild of Phil McConnachie, internationally renowned kite designer from Australia. His EO6 and EO10 are dynamic box kites with intersecting elliptical planes that fly stable or as marvelous tumblers. They're completely unique and eye-catching in the sky, and best of all there's literally no assembly required. The expandable structure erects itself with a built-in elastic as you remove it from its unique travel clasp. Just find some wind, pop it open, and watch it soar and tumble as it climbs into the sky. Three contrasting color combinations can be flown in multiples on a single line for a spectacular show. Convenient, unique travel clasp holds 200 feet of line with winder handle (included).
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