List of products by brand Prism kites

Prism is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Making the coolest kites on the planet is a fun job and someone has to do it. That's why Prism society like what they make.
Some members of the crew:
Mark Bossman ... it's all Mark's fault. If you have a kite in your hand with the Prism logo, it's a product of its unique brand of creative obsession. Of course, he would say that it's all Steve's fault for giving him his first kite kite in college. Anyway, Mark is flying their best ideas.
Justin ... if your kite is perfect, it's Justin's fault. He lives and breathes the production. Accurate, consistent and productive. The making is not made for the shy and Justin is not afraid. This explains his penchant for backcountry motorcycle adventures and his weekly adventures that plunge him with the cold underwater creatures of Puget Sound.
Who ever said that kites were just for kids?