Skyshark Black Diamond series Tapered carbon tube

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Materials : carbon

Sky Shark Black Diamond Tubes

The Black Diamond tubes have a specific finish: grains (not grams) of material are taken off the tube very precisely. The amount of material in weight that is taken off is replaced by the weight of the paint. The result is a very smooth tube.

These tubes have a better look but also help prevent bridle wear from friction on lower spreaders.

Black Diamond Nitro and Nitro Strong have a larger diameter tube that is stiffer than the current 5PT and lighter too. The aim is to stop any wing chatter that comes with high wind flying and to create better all around performance. These tubes can also be cut from the large end as well as the small end. This gives you the ability to change the stiffness. They probably have the best weight/stiffness ratio on the market.

Use the drop-down menu to choose the right tube.

Skyshark Black Diamond series Tube Specifications
Model Length in centimeters Weight in grams Large End Small End
External Ø Internal Ø External Ø Internal Ø
3 PT 82,6cm 12g 7,37mm 6,20mm 5,59mm 4,42mm
5 PT 82,6cm 15g 7,92mm 6,20mm 5,94mm 4,57mm
7 PT 82,6cm 20g 8,13mm 6,20mm 6,22mm 4,57mm
Nitro Standard 82,6cm 15g 8,33mm 7,24mm 6,40mm 5,21mm
Nitro Strong 82,6cm 17,5g 8,51mm 7,24mm 6,48mm 5,38mm
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